Who are the Pinstripe Legends

Pinstripe Legends is a group of accomplished artists dedicated to expanding the recognition of pinstriping as a fine art form.

To achieve this, they host an annual pinstriping fine art exhibition at the Milwaukee World of Wheels Car Show that includes at least one live art auction daily to benefit charity. Since its inception in 2002, Pinstripe Legends has raised over $1,000,000 for Children’s Wisconsin.

Ted Turner, Dave Jeffrey, Ray Drea
Ted Turner, Dave Jeffrey and Ray Drea

Pinstriping has been called a ‘lost art.’

The everyday presence of computer design and vinyl media has pushed real brush-and-paint work into the shadows. However, to experience the enthusiasm, creativity and expertise at the Pinstripe Legends event is to know that the art form is alive and well.

There is no easy way.

The discipline and dedicated practice required to achieve mastery with the brushy is considerable and may deter new artists. That said, we are inspired when we see the passion to learn ignited in ‘young gun’ pinstripers through the years.

The success of this event is built on the Artists.

It begins with the artists. Over 75 top artisans travel at their own expense to cold Milwaukee for a three-day exhibition/event. Here they warm their brushes and their friendships to serve a greater cause. Artists inspire each other, refresh their creativity and paint original pieces live in front of a consumer-based audience.

Jack Lindenberger and Alan Johnson
Legends Jack Lindenberger and Alan Johnson

Each year a Lifetime Achievement Award is given to further showcase pinstriping as fine art.

One artist is recognized for his/her inspiring contributions to the innovation and perpetuation of this masterful form.

Our consistent success is the result of broad and generous support by many.

Artists donate their time and talent to come to Milwaukee (in February!). Vendors donate materials for painting and displays. Event management donates valuable floorspace and entrance fees for artists. And there is a tireless team of anonymous volunteers operating behind the scenes.

Morgan McArthur