2003 Butch Brinza

Butch Brinza accepting the award   Butch Brinza accepting the award   Ray Drea with Butch Brinza   Butch Brinza at the paint table

Milwaukee’s own Butch Brinza is our first honoree. His unique art style and killer paint jobs are out of this world. Milwaukee area auto body people all miss visiting his shop since Butch has since moved out to Arizona. Cars painted by him in the 60’s and 70’s are still around and looking great. Butch did the bodywork and awesome paint job on the Fire-Chief, an ISCA International winner which we featured on our 2012 tin.

Butch Brinza and the FireChief  2012 Pinstripe Legends tin by Del Swanson  Butch Brinza artwork