Pinstripe Legends Tin Signs

We have been making tin signs available to anyone at the show at a reasonable price so they can go home with a piece of Pinstripe Legends artwork. We only make a limited number of each sign so when they are gone, they are gone (hint, get them at the show right away!). Same as the rest of our endeavors, the money goes to Children’s Hospital.

Through the years we have leaned on our buddy and fellow board member Mr Incredible, Del Swanson for the art-work. Take a look at some of his masterpieces (you can also contact him if you would like to purchase a print of the artwork).



For 2015 Tramp Warner jumped in and designed our tin for us. He went a little crazy and we got this awesome artwork!


One of the three founders, Ray Drea designed the 2017 tin as he revisualized the original logo.


2018 see Tramp Warner ripping out some more killer artwork. You can purchase your tin sign with these two awesome vehicles at the 2018 show